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Web Property Creator is a tool used to create properties for web pages and web user controls.

You can watch a video on YouTube:

This program creates a web property for web pages and web user controls.

There are three types of properties you can set; Session, ViewState and Object.

Session properties are available to the entire web application for the lifetime of the current session.

ViewState properties are only available to the page or control they are created on.

Object properties are useful to return a value from another control or an object.

When you select ViewState or Session, the mouse cursor is positioned between the two quotation marks for you to start typing the property name. As you type the Session or ViewState name, the PropertyName textbox is populated for you.

You may change the property name to be different than the Session or ViewState name, but I have never had a reason to do that.

Object properties behave differently than Session or ViewState in that object properties check that the
object exists before referring to the object in the property setter. ViewState and Session always create the property that is being set.


Surround by Region: I am a regionaholic, and if you use my tool Regionizer ( you will know that I like to surround all properties, methods and events with Regions. I keep this option selected by default, you can select this control and changed IsChecked to false. (This program comes with a free copy of DataJuggler.WinControls, never before released to the public).

Add Summary: By default every property gets a summary, if you do not want this feature, changed IsChecked to false on this control.

Simple Walkthrough:

Step 1: Select Session Object Type

Step 2: Type the word: 'UserName' in between the two quotes of the Session variable name.

Step 3: Click the Update button. Your property is created.

Step 4: Click the Copy button. Your property is copied to the clipboard.

Step 5: Paste the code into your web page or user control.

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